Avalanche Projects

Aggregating projects on Avalanche blockchain


DEXYield FarmNFTBridge

An innovative bridge with DEX, staking with impermanent loss protection, and NFTs.

DEXYield Farm

The first DEX on Avalanche.

DEXYield FarmNFTNFT MarketplaceLaunchpad

Avalanche's main DEX.

DEXYield FarmNFTNFT Marketplace

An OG Avalanche DEX with NFT marketplace.

Yield FarmLaunchpad

A yield farm with games and other features.

Yield FarmLaunchpad

An OG Avalanche DEX with NFT marketplace.

Yield FarmDEX aggregatorYield Optimizer

An Avalanche-based yield optimizer and dex aggregator.

Yield FarmYield OptimizerNFT

A feature rich DAO with yield farming, yield optimization, and more.

NFTNFT Marketplace

A cross-chain NFT marketplace.

NFTNFT Marketplace

An Avalanche-based NFT marketplace with AR/VR integrations.


Avalanche's official bridge; transfer assets betweeen Avalanche and Ethereum.

NFTNFT MarketplaceGame

Battle, mine, breed and lend your crabs in Avalanche's most popular blockchain game.


How do I add my project to Avalanche Projects?

Contact us via Telegram. See footer.

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a high-performance smart-contract-enabled blockchain.

Who made Avalanche?

Avalanche was invented by Emin Gun Sirer.